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  • The officer must have had a reasonable suspicion that you were violating the law.
  • The officer must have either had probable cause to arrest you or obtain your consent for roadside tests.
  • The officer must tell you that you have a right to refuse a portable breathalizer test.
  • The officer must have probable cause before he arrests you and before he requires you to take a chemical test.
  • The officer must give you your Miranda rights after you are arrested, if he is going to interogate you.
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  • Your identity
  • As a driver
  • Of a motor vehicle
  • In the state of Louisiana, while
  • Your blood alchohol level was over one of the prescribed limits or
  • You were under the influence of alcoholic beverages or
  • You were under the influence of certain controlled dangerous substances (drugs).
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    1. What your itinerary was prior to arrest.

    2. Your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

    3. Your observations of the officer.

     4. The officer’s stated reasons for stopping you.

    5. Whether the officer asked or ordered you to take roadside tests.

    6. Your performance on roadside tests.

    7. Statements you made to the officer.

    8. What the results were of any breath or blood tests.

    9. Whether there were witnesses to your arrest.

    10. Whether you were observed for 20 minutes prior to a breath test.

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     1. Not taking the matter seriously. It is a load which will follow you for the remainder of your life, if you are condemned. The Division of motor vehicle will maintain it until you died. It must take care to take your licence far from you during ninety days on your first conviction within five year, one year on your 2nd conviction within a five years, and two years on your 3rd conviction within five year. Only the additional insurance charges could cost you thousands of dollars. If your your licence is carried, you must pay by anticipation for an approval SR-22 with your policy. Your insurance company must inform Division in advance, if you do not maintain your insurance. It will also raise your rates based on your conviction.

    2. Hiring of an agent. The law is complex and you need qualified representation. You must raise good defenses at the good time or will lose them to you. The facts will disappear, the memories fade and the witnesses disappear. A case winable can quickly go well to loser.

    3. Renting an agent based on the quantity only of the fees. The state has the almost unlimited resources when it comes to your case. You must rent an agent and pay fees which will enable him to put the hour and the effort in your case to avoid the continuation. The agents must gain enough in time when they spend on your case in order to maintain their doors open and to make alive wages. If you go so low, your agent will not be able to put in time necessary to protect you. To seek reasonable and foreseeable fees, not low.

    4. Not obtaining a provisional licence and not asking a hearing the department of motor vehicle in the 15 days, if your licence were taken when you or refused did not take a test of alcohol. If you do not ask for a hearing, you will not be able to lead during 90 days to one year and a half. Control during this time is a serious offence of the traffic, independently of if you must lead for work or the personal reasons.

    5. Control after your licence was suspended. You do not have any right to lead while under the suspension and then to lead one offence is more serious than your original load. So stopped to lead during this time, you can be arersted and must announce a bond right to leave the prison. If condemned, you face a suspension minimum of year of your privileges of control in addition to any suspension which you are motionless portion, plus you would obtain a fine and could lift itself to a height of 6 months in prison. After one period, you can qualify for a licence of difficulties. You can also obtain a device of coupling, which will allow you to obtain a restricted licence.

     6. Not subpeonaing the leader to be present at your hearing of motor vehicle. If you not subpeona the leader ‘presence of S, hearing will be based on the leader ‘the report/ratio of S only and you will not hear how the leader will testify. Many things can be learned with this hearing by your agent, if the leader is present. If the leader does not appear or does not justify what was made, you recover your licence.

    7. By taking the agent of zone the ‘S to offer initially. The first offer is not a business, him ‘S right with débarasser of your case with the least quantity of work. Little case is drawn aside or very reduced to an not-alcohol load at this stage. You do not give to the judge an opportunity to reign on constitutional challenges. You give up your line to raise these questions and to make the state prove to him the ‘case of S.

    8. Do not appear in front of the court. The question of will of court an attachment or to put except play the guarantee for your arrest and to withdraw which in slavery. The next time that you are stopped for an infringement of the traffic, you will spend a certain hour in prison and will announce a bond for your future aspects.

    9. To speak with no matter whom but with an agent about your case. Something that you say to them can be employed against you.

     10. To think that to speak with many agents will help you to handle it on your clean. You must make go to an agent to go to the front with you.